Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Closet Envy

I am still living at home with my parents while I go to college.  I live about 20 minutes from school, so it’s only logical to save myself and my parent’s money by living at home, but I am constantly spending time in the city where my school is located. There is much more to do, my friends and boyfriend live there, and I study there many times during the week because of group projects and study group meetings.  Lately, I have been staying at my boyfriend’s house more than usual because it is easier than driving home late at night.  I pretty much live out of a suit case, which barely fits into his tiny room.  My cars a mess and I tend to lose clothing pieces and jewelry more often because of constantly moving back and forth between my house and his.  I’ve wanted to leave some of my clothes at his house but his closet is very small and already stuffed to the max with his own clothing.  So today I am dreaming about the gorgeous and lovely closet I will hopefully have someday because I decided to live at home and save my money!

I love the boutique feel of this closet and how clean it looks!

I want a vanity in my closet!  I put my makeup on before I get dressed so sometimes I find myself wondering what color eye shadow I should wear.  If I put my makeup on in my closet I could just look around real quick to figure out what clothing I was going to wear that day instead of having to get up and go to the closet.

A whole room made into a closet!

The over sized ottoman and the cabinetry are gorgeous in this room.

I will have a huge mirror in my closet, it's so glamorous!

Photos via Pinterest.

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  1. These closets are an absolute dream!!! I would live in any of them. I share a closet with my husband but in the future (when I win a million dollars) I'm going to have a HUGE closet to look like one of these! Great post!