Monday, January 23, 2012

OOTD: Leopard Lady

Well this weekend was full of wedding events!  On Saturday morning, I went to my cousin's bridal shower and that evening I went to an engagement party for some of the sweetest friends.

The bridal shower was at a local boutique type restaurant and the brunch was amazing.  We had hash browns with meat and cheese mixed in that tasted delicious, fruit, and mimosas (the best part)!  My cousin looked adorable and received some great gifts!

For the engagement party, we ate at a local steakhouse.  Of course, I ordered chicken fried steak, my favorite!  The brides best friend decorated the tables with mason jars, yellow Gerber daisies, sunflowers, and pictures of the couple.  During the middle of the party, the couple stood up and told their engagement story.  I thought this was a good idea, and one day I hope to do this at my engagement party.  The party was so pretty, and we had such a great time!

I wore this outfit to the bridal shower and changed into something a little more casual for the engagement party.  I love the fun leopard print on this dress!  It has cute ruffled details on the bodice and a small cut out on the back.  It is great for going to an even that is a little nicer but can also be worn out with friends!

I got this Cachè purse as a Christmas present from my parents, and I just love all the rhinestones on it!  What girl doesn't love to add a little shine to their lives?

This is my baby Gus!  He just turned 7 months old, and he has stolen my heart!  He is very smart and extremely hyper.  My boyfriend and I are training him to become a hunting dog.  We will see how that goes! 

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