Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend Getaway

Wow!  Isn't this place gorgeous.  It looks so siren and relaxing.  Something most of us need in our busy, hectic lives.  It's called the Pedernales River State Park, and it's located right outside of Austin.  I've been looking into a place where my boyfriend and I could go and relax.  He is an engineering student and I am in nursing school, so our schedules are very crazy.  Many nights he does not come home until 12 or later because he has been studying all day, and at least 2 or more days out of the week I get up around 5:30 or early to get ready for my 6:30 clinicals.  Needless to say, we don't get to spend that much quality time together.

I started looking for a state park we could go to that had beautiful scenery.  C loves the outdoors, and I love a pretty view.  I can't say I am totally in love with being outdoors, around bugs and sweating profusely (I know nasty, I sweat a lot), but I love admiring the simple beauty God has given us.  I thought we could hike and tent camp one night to satisfy C's likings, maybe I could even get C to throw in a nice romantic picnic on our hike!  The next night I thought we could stay at a bed and breakfast to satisfy my likings.  Compromise is always good in a relationship...right? 

Now I just have to find an open weekend for both of us!

I would love to know where you like to go on short weekend vacations with your honey or loved ones!

Pictures via google.com and Nomadic Pursuits

The water is so clear and blue.  It's not like many of the other rivers or lakes in Texas.

Stunning waterfalls that I cannot wait to see.

The water is so clear and blue.


  1. This place is so relaxing and such a great hike! My family and I enjoyed it, you should defiantly go!

  2. I adore your blog and style :) I'm now a follower, I hope you will check out my blog as well and follow :):)