Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Current Favorites

These things have been some of my favorites the past couple of weeks.  Since spring is in full force around here, I've been enjoying the weather by laying out trying to get a good tan.  My favorite tanning spray is this Australian Gold Continuous Spray with Instant Bronzer.  It smells amazing and it even has SPF coverage.  Girls, I know we want to be golden goddesses, but don't skip the SPF coverage because sun exposure causes skin to age faster.  We don't want to have those pesky wrinkles pop up sooner than normal, and we don't want to have tough, leathery skin. 

To carry all my pool essentials, I scored this adorable coral bag at Forever 21 for $12! 

These American Eagle shorts have an eyelet lace trim, and I just love them.  Lace is one of my favorite trends this season.  The trim add such a shabby chic touch! 

I stole this Bath and Body Works Stress Relief Bathsoak from my mom's bathroom.  I throw a couple of cap fulls into my bath at night when I'm feeling a little stressed and the eucalyptus and spearmint just bring a calming sense over me.  I tried to find some more at Bath and Body Works the other day, and they did not have any of the bathsoak.  I'm hoping they haven't discontinued it!

The last thing I've been obsessing over is Breakaway!  Breakaway is a weekly bible study on my college campus.  All students are invited and many times 4,000+ students come!  God has blessed Breakaway with an amazing Executive Director named Ben Stuart.  His weekly sermons are so moving and uplifting.  Since I've started attending Breakaway and listening to the podcasts, I've grown so much in my journey with God.  I feel that I've become a more dedicated Christian, and I'm learning to live my life for Him and no one else.  I encourage you to check out the podcasts, especially if you are a young adult trying to find your way in life without losing our Great Lord.  They can be found on the iTunes store by searching Breakaway Ministries.

What are some of your new favorite finds?


  1. I should try that bathsoak! Cute items! I'm trying hard not to shop, haha, so I haven't been looking but i'm loving Essie's newest nail polish shades. I can "splurge" on $8! haha.

  2. that bag is really cute... for $12?! great deal.

    and that bathsoak sounds fabulous. i may have to look out for it as well!

  3. Hey sweetheart! I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award! Head over to A Sweet Southern Mess and check it out!! Have a great week!

  4. We gave you the Liebster blog award too, and we are your newest follower!!


  5. Darling blog! And I love the bag :)

    I am totally growing on my personally journey as a woman... after my life was brutally ripped out from under me... I am on a path to healing, forgiveness and self discovery! Looks like I'll have to check out this podcast :)



  6. ooo great items! your blog is adorable! i found it while reading another site, too cute! new follower!