Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: Girly Apartment Wishes

It's Wednesday!!  We are half way through the week, thank goodness!  It's also that time of the week for...Pinteresting Wednesday with Michelle from the Vintage Apple

I have about 1 year and 1 month left until I graduate, but hey who's counting!  I live at home right now, and I am so ready to get a "big girl job," so I am able to afford my own apartment.  For a while now I've thought my boyfriend and I would move in together after he graduates, but after thinking more about it I've decided that's not the best idea.  I want something new and exciting to look forward to after getting married.  I know marriage itself is going to be new and exciting, but I don't want to come back from our honeymoon and return to the usual same old thing.  So, I've been fantasizing about what my girly apartment is going to look like!

By the pictures you might be able to tell that I love color!  Seriously when I try to pick just two or three colors, somehow I always end up with every bright color in the rainbow.  I will be decking my apartment out with all kinds of cute, bright decor.  The wire pendant lighting will add a pop of color and intricate details.  I want to fill my home with beautiful quotes from the Bible, so I will be surrounded by the Lord's word because we should be thanking Him daily for the splendor and love He has given us.  My craft area will have to be small since apartments aren't the biggest places, but isn't this one adorable?  My sewing machine will have to fit on that desk though!  I love the colors and the gorgeous patterns that fill this living room.  The doors to this closet give the room a shabby chic feel to match this beautifully designed bedroom.  I love the mix of patterns in the bedroom and the turquoise bedspread! 

All photos can be found here.


  1. all the colors in these photos are my favorite combinations :) love your style!

  2. I love your "girly apartment" pictures! I call my apartment, my "independent lady apartment." haha! Feels good though! :) Happy Wednesday!

  3. I really liked this post. I am moving in with my boyfriend in a month or so. I always thought growing up that I would never want to live with someone until I was married bc I didn't want to get married and have nothing change. I will say (obviously) my viewpoint has changed for myself and I am moving in with my boyfriend. But that is because I know he is the only boy I will ever live with and we have made the choice not to wait. I have lived on my own in my very own girly apartment for 3 years and feel we are ready. I think as long as the decision has been made together and with lots of care and consideration whatever works for each couple is best. I think it's important no matter what the choice that it is decided together and pros/cons are weighed.

    I am excited to see pics of your girly apartment inspiration!!