Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Letters

Oak Alley Plantation via Brad Thompson Fine Art

Dear Gus, it’s only been 6 days since I’ve seen your lovable puppy face, but I miss you dearly.  I’m dreading the day I have to send you off to hunting school.  Maybe I will accidentally forget to take you and we won’t tell daddy!  Dear boyfriend, I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to help you get settled in to this new place you will call home for the next 3 months.  I’ve been a little bored at the apartment by myself because I’m too scared to explore a foreign city alone, but I’m happy it’s the weekend and we can explore together tomorrow!  I’m also sad that I will be leaving you on Sunday, but I plan on visiting often, and I hope this time apart will draw us even closer.  Dear Julie Lessman, I thoroughly enjoyed your book A Hope Undaunted.  This is such a huge compliment because I am not a reader, especially not a 500 page book reader.  I can’t wait to read more about the O’Conner family in your series, the Daughters of Boston.  Dear Louisiana, you are very different than your neighbor I like to call home, Texas, but you are a very fun state.  I was astonished when I saw that you could buy liquor in the grocery store at all hours of the day and night.  I also adore the beautiful architecture found in the Garden District of New Orleans, and I can’t wait to visit the gorgeous plantation homes.  Dear Nursing School, do I really have to start back to class already?  At least it’s only one class, one day a week.   

Have a safe and fantastically fun Memorial Day Weekend!



  1. I was surprised that you could buy alcohol here in SC 24/7 too! I was definitely not used to that!

  2. GUS?! what a PERFECT puppy name! love it! found you via the link up xo