Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday: Dream Wedding

No, there is not a wedding in the future for me yet, but a girl can still dream!  I feel that I'm allowed to pin tons of stuff to my wedding Pinterest board because then when that time does come along, I will be somewhat prepared.  I like to plan, I'm a perfectionist, and I love to craft which in turn saves me some money which is always a huge plus for me!  Crafting saves me money, but it never saves me time, so that's why I'm planning way ahead of time :)

The theme of my wedding will be Rustic Charm!  I want tons of burlap, wood accents, lace, and touches of sparkle.  I want it to be an intimate occasion with love and thought poured into each and every detail. 

This is a board full of some of my Pinterest inspirations I've but together for The Vintage Apple's Pinteresting Wednesday.  You can find these pictures and more here.


  1. Everything is so pretty! Can you imagine that my husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary last monday and when we were planning out wedding (just one year ago) there was NO PINTEREST! To help me plan!?? unfair!!
    Have a great Wednesday and Happy pinning!!

  2. Beautiful ideas :) ahhh pinterest, one of the most amazing creations to date!

  3. That ring is GORGEOUS - the perfect size :)

    xo Georgina (your newest follower)

  4. Loving those ideas, I heart pinterest!

    Your newest follower Ashton from: