Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Work it Out

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Y'all this fleece pull over is amazing!  It has been on repeat this past month and has served so many purposes.  It's super comfy to throw on to run errands, it keeps me warm while running outside in the colder weather, and I even layered it under my ski jacket this past week.  I have recreated this look in a more radiant orchid type color scheme since my purple fleece and Nike's are sold out.  

I have heard great things about Victoria's Secret Sports Bra's.  My friends who are more well endowed say they give great support and keep their girls in place!  I have been wanting to buy one, and the secret to getting them a little cheaper is to wait until you have a $10 off a bra coupon.  VS sends them out pretty regularly.  The top is also from VS and I'm loving the open back!

My workout leggings are from Old Navy but most sizes are sold out so I linked a similar pair.  There are sizes still left in a higher rise version of these leggings at Old Navy though.  

Now if I could actually get my butt in gear and head to the gym a little more often!!

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