Monday, November 16, 2015

Engaged, Married, and Moved Across the Country!

Hey lovelies!  Gosh, I am so excited to be back in this space.  In the past 7 months so much in my life has changed.  I cannot wait to share all the details with you!  I will make it short for now but don't worry, I will fill you in soon!

In April, my sweet Colton dreamed up an elaborate plan to ask me to marry him!!  On a wild flower covered field, he dropped down on one knee and pledged to spend the rest of his life with me while our family hid behind a big hill waiting for the flare gun to go off notifying them I said yes!  After, we celebrated with a surprise engagement party and started planning a dream wedding in only 6 months!

In the meantime Colton was transferred from Louisiana to North Dakota for work.  Yes, you heard that right!  The frozen tundra of North Dakota.  Really I don't know how anyone survives the winters in North Dakota, especially a few Texas kids who think you should bundle up in 50 degree weather.  The summer was absolutely gorgeous, but I will get back to you on how the winter goes, if we survive!

Wedding planning started promptly because living 1,400 miles apart after 6 years of dating wasn't cutting it.  I found my dress, planned a gorgeous outdoor wedding with every detail thought out, and then changed wedding venues 2 days before the big day because after not raining all month, a flood was predicted for the day of our wedding.  It turned out to be beautiful and everything I didn't even know I wanted.  When God calls you to trust him, just do it.  He truly knows what is best and by being stubborn you are only causing more stress for yourself.  Trust me I know!

2 weeks ago I permanently left the great state of Texas and moved to North Dakota to be with my new husband!  We are living the newlywed life and braving the frozen tundra together.  Get ready to see some snow filled, bundled up outfit pictures.  I will have lots of stylish ideas for your next trip to that super cold, snowy vacation spot you only visit every one in a while, not live in!  I hope you continue to follow along!

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