Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Making a Small Apartment Home

Our move to North Dakota didn't go as planned.  We were suppose to already have a house built and be moved in.  Well God had other plans.  We aren't building anymore and we are undecided whether we will buy a house or not.  So for now, we've gone from a 3 bedroom house to a 675 square foot apartment.  It really isn't horrible for 2 people but organization and storage is hard and our closets are busting at the seams.

I have been reluctant to decorate or even try to make this little apartment feel like home, but I've decided to get over my pouting and just do it and it's perfect timing!  We are living in a furnished apartment for now, but we will be receiving our stuff from our old house next week.  I can't wait!  I have been searching Pinterest to find ways to increase storage in small spaces but also add some glamour.  Here are some ways both you and me can get the most of our space and create an inviting atmosphere.

Declutter and don't go overboard on the decorations

In a small space you don't have room for tons of decor items or junk.  Get rid of anything you can!  That sounds harsh, but I know you and me both needed to hear it.  There is no extra room for clutter and clutter does not say inviting.  Our clutter spot always tends to be the coffee table.  I plan to get rid of what I can and replace it with 1 or 2 small decorative items that add warmth and appeal to the living room.  I love the lantern and the candles in the picture above.  Another thing about decor, try to find things that will carry you throughout the seasons.  With a lantern you can add small things in it or around it for each season, so there is less seasonal decorations to store.

Personalize your space

Put up pictures and wall decor!  You cannot truly make a place feel like home without adding personalization.  Also don't invest in a lot of large pieces that won't easily fit into a new home if you move.  For us I can easily recreate the wall decor above.  We actually have a big marquee letter just like this.  I want to display our wedding and engagement pictures but I have opted not to order canvas at this time because I don't want to make that investment until I know exactly where they will go.  The letter will add a large focal point, so I can use smaller 5x7 or 8x10 pictures to frame it.  Personalization for us also means we can't forget to add some Texas flair.  Texas will always be our home and we are those Texas people.  We love our home state and like to proudly display it!  Don't every forget where you came from.

Add an entry way or command center with storage

In a small space I'm sure you don't have room for an elaborate entry way or command center.  Usually that means the keys and mail end up on your dining table or on your counter space which is already small enough!  Try to find a place to add a small area for the daily things to be set and if you can get added storage our of it go ahead.  We have a very small area right when you walk into our apartment.  I'm hoping to incorporate a  small piece of furniture like the Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit for that space and add something rustic on top like the pallet art above,

Using things you already own

Shop your own house for things that can be repurposed or reused in different ways.  I bought a cowhide rug a while ago and I've used it as a rug in the living room and I also used it as my tree skirt this year.  That way I didn't have to buy a tree skirt and store it for 10 months out of the year!

Make your bedroom inviting and feel bigger

Dark colors will always make things look smaller.  That's why the little black dress is so popular!  Add a white bedspread or duvet cover to your bed.  I promise it will make the room feel bigger and give your room a bright and airy feel.  You can add texture or color with a throw at the end of your bed.  For my room, I plan on adding a headboard that looks similar to the one above.  I think a mix of old and new always make a home feel more inviting.

Make your storage functional and gorgeous

For functionality, use your dresser as a TV stand in the bedroom, situate your desk where it can be used as a night stand, and don't forget to use the space under your bed!  You can also add a hanging chandelier above your bedside table so a lamp doesn't take actually take up space on it.  And open shelves are gorgeous if done right in my opinion.  Add some pretty boxes to hide unwanted clutter and display things neatly.

I hope these tips helped you and I hope this inspiration board helps me create a beautiful and inviting home!

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