Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cabin in the Woods

JACKET: North Face | SWEATER: Old Navy (similar here, here and here) | SHIRT: Under Armour | LEGGINGS: Target | PANTS: J.Crew Factory | SCARF: Purple Peridot (same here) | GLOVES: Anthropologie | HEADBAND: Old (similar) | SHOES: Sorel

One of our favorite things to do here is drive and hike around on public land.  North Dakota has tons of it, and we never see a sole when we go out there.  It is like having thousands of acres all to yourself and most of it is breathtaking.  We stumbled upon this cute cabin in the woods and decided to take a few pictures in front of it.  It made for a great backdrop!

It was pretty cold on Saturday so I layered up.  I have on a pair of cold weather leggings along with my ponte knit pants.  This Under Armour shirt is the best I own for cold weather.  It's tight so it doesn't bunch up under your clothes and it keeps you warm.  C got me this North Face Jacket for my birthday this year.  He was a little disappointed because it isn't very thick, but I have to say it does a good job for how light weight it is.  It is great for laying too!  My favorite gloves this winter have been these mittens my mom gave me for Christmas.  Unfortunately this color is sold out but they are on sale for $10 and come in pink!  I'm thinking about ordering another pair.  I hope you enjoyed this casual look!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Blush Pink Valentines

SWEATER: Forever 21 (exact here but this color is sold out, similar here) | FUR VEST: Gianni Bini Kids (similar herehere and here) | JEANS: Express | BOOTIES: Target (the cutest here and similar) | EARRINGS: Kendra Scott (similar in same color here and love these) | SUNGLASSES: Target

Our Valentine's weekend was pretty low key.  We drove out to the North Dakota Badlands on Saturday and Sunday to take in the scenery, hike a little, search for deer antlers, and take pictures!  It might be one of the best weekends we have had here since I moved in.  We cooked dinner both nights at home using one of our wedding presents, a new grill.  I know it might sounds corny, but I was just so happy to be able to pull out a wedding present!  Living in an apartment, most of our gifts are still packed away in storage, but we just put the grill together last week, and have been using it like crazy.  It didn't work out too well on Saturday night because the wind was blowing like crazy and it was super cold, but we had some good laughs.  We ended up hanging out at home that evening and watching movies until 3:30 in the morning.  I looked at the clock and couldn't believe how late it was.  Time literally flies when you are having fun!  

On Sunday, we went hiking to look for deer antler sheds.  Hiking in snow is hard.  Think about walking in sand for miles but sinking even deeper.  Thankfully the snow wasn't too bad, most of it was melting away, but in the creek bottom, where we were hiking, it still hadn't completely melted away.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in the high 30's.  The sunset was gorgeous and the scenery is always breathtaking!

We took these pictures before we bundled up to go out on Saturday.  This is one of my absolute favorite sweaters.  You can see how I styled it last year here.  Pictures from this weekend will be coming soon and they involve the cutest cabin in the middle of no where!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Off the Shoulder Sweater

SWEATER: Victoria's Secret (similar here, here, here and love this) | PANTS: J.Crew Factory | CLUTCH: Kenneth Cole Reaction (similar here, here, and love this) | BOOTIES: Steve Madden (similar with more size options) | EARRINGS: Old (similar)

It snowed yesterday and this Texas girl is super happy!  It is so much prettier here with a blanket of glistening snow on the ground.  With not many trees in sight (other than at the park, where I take most of my pictures) and mostly flat ground, snow really helps out the scenery here.  I'm excited to have the weekend off with C.  Hopefully he is planning something fun for Valentine's Day!

Have a happy, happy weekend loves!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Best Podcasts to Prepare for Marriage

I didn't blog while wedding planning because let's face it, I was just too overwhelmed.  Planning a wedding in 6 months, organizing a cross country move, and preparing to build a house while working full time really kicked my butt, so blogging was put on the back burner.  Unfortunately, that meant I didn't blog any of the fun planning process.  We dreamed, created, and poured so much love into preparing for the wedding and our marriage.  It was very hard because C was already living in North Dakota for the majority of the months leading up to the wedding.  That meant we skyped with our preacher for a premarital meeting and did a lot on our own.  Today I wanted to share the most helpful thing I did to prepare for our marriage.

I love listening to Christian podcasts.  I use to drive a lot.  Thirty minutes to and from work, and I was also driving back and forth to Louisiana before C moved.  The radio gets old and we can always use more Jesus in our lives, so I turned to podcasts a while ago.  When we got engaged, I immediately started searching for marriage/relationship podcasts on the church feed I had recently been listening to.  That lead me to look for others.  I ended up finding two series from two different churches that I absolutely loved.  I was actually turned onto so many great ideas from these podcasts, the message in our wedding ceremony was based on them and it was one of my favorite parts of the wedding.  

The first series I listened to was The Love Story by Church of the Highlands.  I love listening to Pastor Chris, he is so funny and shares so much great information.  The series is based on Song of Solomon and the church website describes the series by saying:

They are actually starting another love/relationship series this Sunday.  I can't wait to tune in! 

The second series I listened to was my absolute favorite.  It was called XOXO by Cross Point Church.  There were so many good points made for any relationship in this six part series.  It made me realize that two unholy and imperfect people are entering into a relationship, and I can't dwell on what the other person is doing that annoys me.  I have to focus on fixing myself and my sins.  My life no longer revolves around my own selfish ideas and wants.  Jesus gave up everything for us.  The least we can do is give a little for the ones we love to make a relationship work.  Cross Point describes the series by saying:

This series really resonated with me and can be applied to any relationship.  I wanted the message in our ceremony to be applicable to anyone in any type of relationship, so this podcast really helped with that message.

Another list I used when looking for relationship podcast was this list of Top 25 Must Listen to Christian Podcasts.  This list might help if you are looking for other great churches to listen to!

Now go kick Wednesday's butt and thank God for another beautiful day!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Casual Valentine's Day Style

SHIRT: Flaunt Boutique (love this, this, and this) | JEANS: Express | BOOTIES: Steve Madden (similar with more sizes) | NECKLACE: Walmart, in stores (similar here and here) | EARRINGS: Old (similar)

It has been crazy windy here the past 2 weekends.  50 mph gusts really make it hard to take outfit pictures!  I really wanted to show off my cute pink dress with the big bow this week, but the weather really hasn't been working in my favor when C has been off work.  So instead I'm showing you this pretty pink number!

If you don't plan on going somewhere super fancy, this would be a great outfit for a Valentine's or Galentine's date night!  Valentine's is a fabulous excuse to wear that really nice dress that is stuffed in the back of your closet, but let's be real, are you really going to pull it out?  We don't have any elegant restaurants here, so I see myself wearing something more like this unless I get real brave.  The blogging world has helped me feel more comfortable wearing whatever I want and think looks good on me, even if I am overdressed or a little fashion forward, but every once in a while I do find myself feeling self conscience about it.  It might be because I am in a new town or because people here are a little more simple when it comes to fashion, I'm not sure, but I hope you are brave enough to rock your most fabulous Valentine's outfit!  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monochromatic Pattern Play

SHIRT: Forver 21 (similar and love this) | SWEATER: Southern Jewlz (similar here, here, and here) | LEGGINS: J. Crew Factory | BOOTIES: Steve Madden (similar) | HAT: Target | HANDBAG: Michael Kors (similar)

I do tend to favor bright colors any time of the year.  They give more color and life to my usually very pale skin and they just brighten your day!  This winter I have been gravitating towards a more monochromatic look with subtle colors or blacks, whites, and grays.  This look can usually be achieved with things that you already own.  To create a monochromatic look, put together pieces that are in the same color family.  I like to add at least one item that stands out a little more than the others.  In this outfit, both the shirt and sweater have a pattern so that helps give the look some dimension.  Then I also added a small color pop with my purse and lips.  This type of look is great if you have a fabulous accessories that you want to draw all the attention to.  Monochromatic doesn't mean boring!

I would love to see how you styled your monochromatic looks!  Happy Tuesday y'all!