Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Cabin in the Woods

JACKET: North Face | SWEATER: Old Navy (similar here, here and here) | SHIRT: Under Armour | LEGGINGS: Target | PANTS: J.Crew Factory | SCARF: Purple Peridot (same here) | GLOVES: Anthropologie | HEADBAND: Old (similar) | SHOES: Sorel

One of our favorite things to do here is drive and hike around on public land.  North Dakota has tons of it, and we never see a sole when we go out there.  It is like having thousands of acres all to yourself and most of it is breathtaking.  We stumbled upon this cute cabin in the woods and decided to take a few pictures in front of it.  It made for a great backdrop!

It was pretty cold on Saturday so I layered up.  I have on a pair of cold weather leggings along with my ponte knit pants.  This Under Armour shirt is the best I own for cold weather.  It's tight so it doesn't bunch up under your clothes and it keeps you warm.  C got me this North Face Jacket for my birthday this year.  He was a little disappointed because it isn't very thick, but I have to say it does a good job for how light weight it is.  It is great for laying too!  My favorite gloves this winter have been these mittens my mom gave me for Christmas.  Unfortunately this color is sold out but they are on sale for $10 and come in pink!  I'm thinking about ordering another pair.  I hope you enjoyed this casual look!

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  1. I love this whole look. That hair piece is adorable! I'll be pinning this to the Linkup Pinterest Board. Thanks for linking up with me, and hope to see you this week!