Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hunter Boot Look Alikes

VEST: Old Navy (similar here and here) | SHIRT: Old Navy (similar here, here and love this) | SCARF: Forever 21 (similar herehere and here) | JEANS: Aeropostale (my fave) | BOOTS: Target | BOOT SOCKS: Hunter (on sale here)| EARRINGS: Old

When we went hiking a few weeks ago I wore these boots mainly to take pictures in, and I was going to change into a different pair.  They actually worked out so well in the snow I kept them on the whole time.  They kept my feet dry and when I sunk down into the snow, they were tall enough to keep it out of my boots.  I have wanted a pair of Hunter Boots for so long, but they seem like a fad and I couldn't allow myself to spend that amount of money on rubber boots.  When I found this pair online at Target, I couldn't pass them up.  When you add a pair of Hunter Boot Socks, in my opinion, it makes it hard to tell if these are fake or real!  Hunters are a little more shiny and not as flimsy but if you want to save some money, I think this is a great option.

One thing I love about North Dakota is the amount of public land that is accessible to anyone and is absolutely gorgeous.  Pictures don't do it justice.  Unfortunately our camera died when we were taking the scenic pictures.  The Badlands create a beautiful scenery of color and awe inspiring landscape even more fascinating than the mountains.  North Dakota isn't a major tourist attraction, but I do believe the Badlands in both North and South Dakota are something everyone should see in their lifetime.  

I am in Texas for the week and it seems like I should have brought my wellies with me.  It is suppose to rain all week.  I am so happy to be home and with my pup again though.  Gus has been living with my parents since we moved to North Dakota because our apartment didn't allow pets.  We hope to get him with us soon though.

I hope y'all have a fabulous start to your week!


  1. First of all, I loooove your scarf! That neon pink is too cute with the stripes! And I had no idea that those weren't Hunter boots! I will definitely be looking into the selection at Target - good find!!

    xoxo, Kacie

  2. I love your candid comments. I also am enthralled by designer pieces but I rarely splurge on them. It's nice to be practical esp on something that you won't really have to use much.

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

  3. These boots do look just like Hunters! & with the socks, you definitely can't tell the difference. Cool!

  4. Your new boots are awesome. I absolutely love that neon pink scarf, especially with the off-white vest. All of your pieces here look so expensive and well-made. =)

    I would love for you to join my new linkup (below) with this outfit and any other recent outfits. They are too pretty, not to share. Thank you. =))

    Enjoy the weekend! Ada. =)

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