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Review of Excellence Playa Mujeres: An Unforgettable Honeymoon Part 2

I'm back today to finish up my review of Excellence Playa Mujeres.  If you missed Part 1, you can find it here!  Just to recap, we spent our honeymoon here in April and we highly recommend it!  So, here's the rest of my spiel.

Restaurants and Food

I thought the food was wonderful compared to other all inclusive resorts I've been to.  At the others, the food was bland and they only had buffets with the option to have a nice sit down dinner one night of your stay, which you had to make a reservation for. At Excellence, there are 9 restaurants to choose from with no reservation requirements unless you want to eat hibachi at Spice.  Because there are no reservations, we did have to wait 30 minutes or so at a few of the more popular places, but with 11 bars on the resort, we just went and grabbed a drink while we waited.  It wasn't a problem for us.  For dinner, we ate at Agave (Mexican), Spice (Japanese), and Chez Isabelle.  C's favorite was Chez Isabelle, we actually ate there 2 nights in a row.  My favorite was Spice!  I am a sucker for Hibachi, and I am not a sushi connoisseur but I thought it was fabulous.   Spice has a few hibachi tables that you do have to make a reservation for but they also have seating in the restaurant if you want to just order off the menu.   Agave was just okay in my opinion but I also ordered something I wouldn't typically order.  C thought it tasted like authentic Mexican food and really liked his dish.  

Like I said in the first post, we really liked eating brunch at The Lobster House, which is situated over the main pool.  We did order room service one morning, and before we headed to the airport we ate the breakfast buffet.  I had no complaints about the breakfast and neither did C!

For lunch we either ate at The Lobster House or ate pizzas by the pool.  The pizzas were cooked on a wood fire stove and they were ready in 5 minutes, so we didn't have to leave the beach for long.

One amazing thing they have that we didn't take enough advantage of was 24/7 room service.  We were so stuffed from our meals during the day we never felt like we needed a late night snack, but I really liked knowing that we could get food anytime we wanted.  You could order off the room service menu and they would deliver it straight to your room.  How cool!  We only used room service once for breakfast.  If you plan on ordering for breakfast, I would suggest ordering the night before and having them deliver it at a certain time.  We did have to wait about 30-45 minutes for it to be delivered.

The Beach

The beach was gorgeous!  It seemed pretty secluded, the sand was white as can be, and the ocean was a beautiful blue.  There were always tons of beach chairs open and it was even pretty easy to find a daybed if you wanted one.  We aren't early risers though, so I cannot attest to the early morning beach chair situation.  The only complaints I can come up with are there was a lot of seaweed when we were there and the sun rises, instead of sets, on the ocean side of the resort.  Obviously both of these things are due to nature not the resort at all though.  They did a great job of cleaning up the seaweed multiple times during the day, and unless you are going to be laying in the sand with the water flowing over you, I don't really think the seaweed is a problem.  From the reviews I read, seaweed doesn't seem to be a constant problem.  I think we were just there at a bad time.


We did not spend much time at the pools, but there is a pool for everyone!  The main pool had live music or some sort of entertainment everyday and was more the "party" area.  With 7 swimming pools and 4 hot tubs situated all over the resort, you could easily find a more secluded or quite atmosphere though.  One thing to note is the pools do shut down at 8:00 pm and the main pool swim up bar closes around 5:00-6:00 pm.


If you haven't figured out by now, we were pretty much beach bums.  We sat on the beach, met people, had some good conversations, read a little, and drank all from our beach chairs most of the time.  We did kayak and had a pretty good time doing that.  All non-motorized sports at the resort are free.  They also have a big calendar of events posted for the week near The Lobster House.  I heard the Bike Tour around the resort was really great but you had to have closed toe shoes to go and I only brought flip flops and heels.  Other things I saw posted were pilates, volleyball, Spanish lessons, and even a fun class on how to make a Crazy Coconut Drink plus lots more!

The Staff

The staff was one of the best parts about the resort.  They literally catered to your every need and made sure you had a great time.  Our beach waiter went above and beyond to make sure we never ran out of drinks.  He remembered us and what we liked to drink each day, and we always had a great time talking with him,  We also enjoyed talking to Angel and he took really great care of us as well.  He was our night bartender and introduced me to my favorite drink, a Strawberry Caipiroska!  It tastes exactly like a Strawberry Limeade from Sonic with a little vodka.  And if you know me, you know I have been having Sonic withdrawals here in North Dakota, so he made my week!  He is also the one that made sure I got my coconut drink!  Tipping is not required but we made sure to bring $1 bills and tipped the waiters that did a great job about $1 a drink.  I do believe this helped us get faster and personalized service.


Across from the gift shop was a photography shop.  C and I stopped in there one day to see if they had a charger for my camera since I forgot it!  Unfortunately they didn't but we both love photography so we started talking to them about the sessions that they offer.  They offer a free 1 hour photo session.  You are not obligated to buy any pictures if you don't like them.  We planned on just buying a few pictures, like 1 or 2, and not the whole package that included all the pictures that the photographer took.  Our photographer, Arturo, was amazing, though!  He was probably the best photographer we have every worked with.  He had great poses and fabulous shot angles that made the standard pose look amazing.  After seeing our pictures we really wanted to buy the whole package but opted to save some money and just get 9 pictures at $20 a pieces (way more than we originally planned for but hey they were gorgeous!).  I can't remember how much all the pictures from the session would have been, but he was willing to make a deal with us.  We took our pictures at 12:30 in the afternoon because we wanted to stay out on the beach late and not have to worry about getting ready before sunset.  Not the best time of day for pictures, but Arturo worked his magic and I like them even better than I think I would have if we took them at sunset.  I can't tell you how happy I am that we took these pictures and have something so beautiful to remember our honeymoon by.


Well that's a wrap!  We had an amazing honeymoon and I hope I can talk C into going back next year.  I hope this review helped you decide if Excellence Playa Mujeres is right for you!  We can't recommend it enough,

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  1. Sounds amazing!! Love that you got a photo shoot. We barely took any pictures on our honeymoon ! (Only so many pics you can take while drinking on the beach! ;) )